Andrea Geist
Agricultural Land Preservation
(570)622-3742, ext. 112

The preservation of our county's farmland is a crucial factor in the conservation struggle. The program is designed to preserve the most productive farmland by means of a perpetual agricultural conservation easement. A perpetual agricultural conservation easement is a way of preventing development on the farmland permanently. Through this program the landowners sell the development right on the farm to the state and/or County. The landowner is fairly compensated for selling this right. In turn, the state and/or County is able to prevent further development. The state and/or County would only own this one specific right to the farm, the landowner would retain all other property rights and is still the owner of the farm. Andrea can be reached at ageist@co.schuylkill.pa.us.

Board Members
Keith Masser, Chairman
Stanley Fidler
Dr. Ronald Dietz
Kent Heffner
Dianne Hepler
Glenn Hetherington
Brett Stehr
Russell Schnoke
John Halabura
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